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Double Anal FistingProxy and her fantastic butt hole give us a very extreme and incredibly sexy scene with her kinky and dominant girlfriend Francesca! This girl loves anal sex in all its ways and she enjoys pushing her limits to the next level. She also loves the fullness and strong sensation of a fist fucking her ass and manages to just about fit two whole fists inside. Proxy’s nasty ass swallows up our largest plugs, sex-toys and dildos which make her gape extra wide. A giant speculum spreads her open for the extreme medical fetishist. Before the action goes to end, Francesca administers an enema which gives us a full stream of clear water expelled from Proxy’s great ass. No wonder, Mistress needs to Read the rest of this entry »

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Girl With a Luscious Booty

Girl With a Luscious BootyLorelei Lee is a very experienced domme and her armoury contains the caddle prod, the zapper, the plugs that are full of electrical currents, are all means to make girls cum the hard way. The slavegirl Belle Noire will beg, worship and she will endure. Mistress Lorelei Lee will make sure of that as she uses her skills as a dom and her experience as a sub to unleash the perfect balance of pleasure and pain on the new little goddess. With barely any camera experience, Belle is definitely in the deep end of the pool here on this casting castle. But despite few experiences, she takes it like a champ and Lorelei is quick to reward Belle for her effects with some hot, well-earned orgasms. check out the Read the rest of this entry »

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Femdom Ass FistingMistress Francesca Le is a glamorous-looking woman with a truly spectacular body, but do not be fooled. Mistress Francesca Le is able to be very ruthless. She could give a shit if you get off nor if you ever are able to use your cock again. All she cares about is that she gets off and the only way to do that is through causing pain on her sex slaves. And because she is hard to please, she has several of them. Naturally, each of them want to be the best. One of them, that you can see on this sdample, is Sebastian Keys. He puts up a good fight but is rendered helpless in the presence of such a depraved, evil goddess. Francesca tortures his nasty ball sac and teases him with her beautiful round butt Read the rest of this entry »

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15 Consecutive Orgasms

15 Consecutive OrgasmsCrimson haired Sarah returns to Device after 6 years to be tested, pushed, and exhausted in orgasms. Unique and sultry, she has this way of looking at you, making you feel like you are the only person in the room. Her dress gets tied above her head, her ass gets presented in the air, she gets installed in a pipe throne… that is how she deserves to be treated. In every scene you can feel the meek desperation in her body and the ache for a good challenge. She shivers when pain invades her, her large breasts jut out when she in in pleasure, her soft cries beg for no mercy.

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Lallasa Loves Dick

Lallasa Loves DickLallasa feels trapped in her own home. Her husband has been keeping her pussy hostage with his tiny worthless pecker. Its time to break free and find a nice black man to save her from that tiny pecker. Instead of calling the cops, she calls for cocks and Wesley fills every need she has.

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Pounded by Big Black Cocks

Pounded by Big Black CocksWe play a game with Bobbi Starr. It is simple. If she can get away she gets an extra 100 bucks. For each article of clothing she can keep on she gets 25 bucks. Bobbi loses all the money immediately as five big men surround her and hold her down in human bondage. She struggles to get away as her ass and pussy are brutally pounded. This update focuses on human bondage and the struggle to get away. Watch as Bobbi is totally overpowered and controlled. Incapable of escaping or keeping cocks out of her holes. Bobbi deep throats huge black dicks while tied up, then gets DP’ed in bondage and without.

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Two Hot Foreign Slaves

Two Hot Foreign SlavesAs you all know Sandra Romain has gone back to Romania, but she definitely hasn’t quit the business of dominating hot girls. On her farm she has three very beautiful slaves to do her dirty work, but when they misbehave, of course they get punished. Today Sandra introduces two of her sluts to electricity, and finds that they can hardly take the smallest dose zap. If any shoot will show you just how hard wiredpussy can be for some girls, this is the shoot. A tough sub may make the zapper and the sticky pads look easy, but these girls show just how intense the toys are for a new slave. Sandra starts them off slow, but quickly realizes these girls are good for nothing but sucking and fucking, so Read the rest of this entry »

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Red Headed Party Girl

Red Headed Party GirlSlave girl wannabe Hollander has been holding back her pussy all week like it was a fragile family fucking heirloom. Well, today my gimp is here to smash it. Can’t wait. First, let’s feel up those lovely tits I have been working on all week long. Let’s see if all that training this tramp to give up her nipples to the point of orgasm was worth it. Slave girl looks good strapped down on her back with her creamy thighs lewdly jacked apart. It suits her. Especially when that thick cock start pumping that pretty, pink pussy. By the time her ass is in the air and she is taking it like a dog, I am ramming her with the cattle prod freely, barking insane orders into her slowly crumbling face. I drive her for your amusement. Is she good enough?

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